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Khalid Ayub AKA, Super K Ayub

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Khalid Ayub AKA, Super K Ayub

Born and raised in Halifax UK, I first put on a pair of gloves at the tender age of 3 after my father introduced me to the sport he loved and studied as well as having an amateur career in. Just like him, I developed my own passion for the sport, from training on my first speedball to pad work and punching a play bag, I joined a gym at the age of 8…

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The love and support of my family have been a huge part of my journey. Health, Fitness, and Sport have been part and parcel of everyday life…


All praise to the Almighty, I am blessed to be a Muslim believing in the One God ‘Allah’ and believing the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is the last and final messenger…


My father has been my biggest inspiration. His guidance and support throughout my journey are invaluable. With my religion in my heart, my parents by my side, and family and friends behind I feel I can achieve anything (God Willing)…




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Super K Khalid Ayub


Trained by team azim