MTK Global is delighted to announce the signing of amateur talent Khalid Ayub as he turns professional.

Halifax boxer Ayub achieved plenty of success as an amateur, winning a number of national and GB titles and also representing England, and he’s excited to now be entering the paid ranks alongside MTK Global.

News on Ayub’s professional debut will be announced in due course.

However, the 18-year-old from Mytholmroyd, near Halifax, has recently signed a pro deal with MTK Global and has aspirations of reaching the very top.

Ayub had considered staying at the amateur level as a senior, having won four national titles, two GB titles and also represented England at the 2016 European Championships in Croatia.

MTK has a reputation for managing some of the best boxers in the business and have the likes of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, former two-weight world champion Carl Frampton and unified super lightweight champion Josh Taylor on their book

Ayub said:  I’m very happy and feel so proud to have joined with MTK Global. They are the best management in the world and I’ve seen how they have helped other fighters and know this is the right platform for my career to progress in the right way. I’m very glad to have signed a deal with them and look forward to working together.

To know that I’m in the same team as the likes of so many world champions and other world level fighters is a dream come true. I’m honored to be a part of this team and they are great inspirations and I hope to achieve what they have too.

I’m from Halifax and have been into boxing from a very young age. I was first introduced at three years old as my dad was a former boxer and had my first bout at 10. In my amateur career I’ve won four national titles, 2 GB titles and also represented England internationally as well.

With a team like MTK Global, I want to achieve the best things in boxing and I hope to be a world champion one day. At the moment I’m only young and there is still a very long time for my game to develop but I know that I need the right guidance and with MTK Global I have that and I just can’t wait to get my journey started in the professional ranks with my new team.”

My Team

Stepping into the ring is the epitome of a long and gruelling journey that without a strong, dedicated, focussed and talented team wouldn’t be possible.
Ensuring I’m the best I can possibly be is the result of the work undertaken by me and my team headed by Azim Dad who has been with me from day one alongside Khalil Khalid my offensive coach, Martin Malcom my defensive coach, Tom Joyce my strength and conditioning coach and Amir Bann my physiotherapist and team Manager. They are joined by Wasim Nasim who deals with ticketing and sponsorship alongside Normy Nadeem.  Team Azim’s northern representative Shakeel Faraz Hospitality Manager

Azim Dad – Head Coach

 My head coach has been an integral part in my boxing career. My training plans have been devised and outlined before evert camp. My coach has always been very meticulous in delivering every aspect to detail. My head coach will be the one who will be overlooking the corners, although never been a coach or a boxer before. I feel he has one of the best boxing minds I know.

Khalil Khalid – Assistant Coach

Khalil has been part of my boxing journey right from the start. Upon guidance from my father, Khalil has carried out the training to the tee. Ensuring that everything is done accordingly. I qualified coach, strength conditioning coach and a personal trainer. Khalil has been involved with me since day one.

Martin Malcolm – Assistant Coach

Martin brings in years of experience of defensive attacking pad works. Martin was part of the training team for Anthony Yarde on the Canelo undercard at the cowboy’s stadium in the US. Martin has been involved in me for many years and brings in an array of defensive counter-movements and strategy.

Tom Joyce – Strength and Conditioning

Tom is the founder of Built Not Born and Studio 9 Fitness. Tom has established himself in the health and fitness industry as being a passionate, ambitious, and highly sought-after trainer. His philosophy is to educate, motivate, and inspire his clients to live a healthy lifestyle and be the best possible version of themselves! Tom’s clientele includes athletes at both elite and amateur levels he also works with club and international level football to help give them the extra edge over their competition.

Aamir Baan – Team Manager & Head of Talent Well-being

Aamir has been part of Team Azim from the very beginning, looking after both Adam and Hassan’s well-being throughout their early amateur career, providing guidance where needed and rehabilitation where injuries had occurred. The transitionto the professional ranks has led to Aamir coming on board full time as the teams manager providing oversight and running all operations at TA Promotions. He will continue his role as Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation alongside the Team Manager.

“A very exciting chapter for all involved with each day bringing exciting challenges. I don’t believe in predicting the future, I believe in creating it. Through handwork and perseverance anything is possible. Sky’s the limit”.

Wasim Nasim – Ticketing and Sponsorship Manager

Normy Nadeem – Ticketing and Sponsorship Manager

We are proud to announce Team Azim’s new corporate and hospitality manager,  Shakeel Faraz.