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My Story.
 My Mission.

Khalid Ayub AKA, Super K Ayub

Born and raised in Halifax UK, I first put on a pair of gloves at the tender age of 3 after my father introduced me to the sport he loved and studied as well as having an amateur career in Not having a good local gym in the area, my first boxing gym was 20 miles away. The long travels and journeys were not easy for my parents, but our commitment and dedication produced results. Along the journey of hard work, gruesome training sessions travel, and tears I achieved my first schoolboy national title at the age of 12. The inspiration and support of my father led me to not only develop a passion for the sport of boxing but to go on to become a 4-time national champion, GB Champion, and England International.

And now at the age of 18, having just been signed by the world-famous MTK Global and trained by Team Azim, the professional journey begins, watch this space.


The love and support of my family have been a huge part of my journey. Health, Fitness, and Sport has been part and parcel of the everyday life in the Ayub household with my brother Nile commencing his football journey after being scouted at the age of 4, and then joining Huddersfield Town Football academy at the age of 5. After then having offers from several academy’s he joined SUFC academy at the age of 12.
Before moving to Halifax my parents lived in Sheffield, a city where I have a lot of family members and supporters. As well as Sheffield I have friends and family in Bradford and Dewsbury, so I feel blessed to have the Yorkshire support.


My father has been my biggest inspiration. His guidance and support throughout my journey is invaluable. With my religion in my heart, my parents by my side and family and friends behind I feel I can achieve anything (God Willing).

The professional and personal journeys of both boxers Mohammed Ali and Tyson Fury have also been extremely inspirational for me.


All praise to the Almighty, I am blessed to be a Muslim believing in the One God ‘Allah’ and believing the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is the last and final messenger. My religion is a big part of my life and teaches me not only to prepare for the hereafter but also to respect and help people regardless of age, race, sex, gender, or religion. It has given the answers for the good times and bad and taught me the value of life. My religion also emphasizes the importance of charity and helping those in need, a quality which thankfully is embedded in my heart. This makes my charity work and support for charitable causes all the more rewarding. I hope and pray I can continue to help and support the less fortunate.



I am proud to work with and support the following charities:

The Magic Wishing Well – A charity working towards making the dreams of those in need come true. Based in West Yorkshire ‘The Magic Wishing Well’ has worked and supported individuals in the UK and abroad.

Hart rose Foundation – Based in South Yorkshire, Hart rose Foundation works to provide health, education, and financial support to individuals in developing countries. Working to inspire and lift communities.

The Azim Trust 

Super K Khalid Ayub


Trained by team azim